Post Contacts:

(850) 222-3382


Glen Rushing
US Air Force 1968 - 1975
US Army 1975 - 1989

Sauls - Bridges Post 13 Officers

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Claude Sauls

Claude Sauls

Ben H. Bridges, Jr.

Ben Bridges, Jr.

Claude Sauls and Ben Bridges pictured above, for whom Post 13 was named.

Following Officers Installed by District 2 Commander 26 June, 2014
Photos and Bios will be posted here eventually.

John Folsom - Post Commander
Angel Alvarez - 1st Vice Commander
Vic Hanna - 2nd Vice Commander
David Gallo - 3rd Vice Commander
Richard McCulley - Adjutant
Roger W. Hewitt - Sgt.-at-Arms
Doug Marsh - Historian
George Walker - Finance Officer
Noel Hurst - Chaplain






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